Building a recognizable personal brand opens professional opportunities and without a powerful and visible personal  brand, an individual is disadvantaged in practically every aspect of his/her personal, business and professional life. Let’s help you achieve a flawless look that is clean and professional for a powerful first and last impression, including skills to enable you shop actively, understand outfits that flatter your body structure/complexion and also suit your personality and lifestyle. We help brand and style you on every aspect according to your taste.

Also as part of our etiquette training, we equip you on how to acquire the sartorial skills to help you put your apparels and accessories together in a way that is elegant and up to date. You’ll  learn to dress appropriately for different occasions in a way that implies your happiness, security and best qualities. You’ll also  acquire the savoire-faire that will help you interact politely in social settings, set you apart from the crowd and earn you respect while dining with friends, clients or guests.

Lets help you build  a self-confident and assertive you by coaching you on how to understand your unique personality, your skills and deficiencies and  how to take responsibility for your outcomes as you learn to be direct about your needs, wants, feelings and beliefs in a way that can reduce conflict, build your self-confidence and improve relationships.

This also covers training on stress management based on individual unique daily routine