Etiquette Training

Through our innovative corporate/business and social etiquette programmes, we introduce clients to the behavioral patterns that are internationally acceptable. Etiquette is the art of social graces which entails  showing consideration and respect to others in simple ways, like Francis Hesselbein would say…”We hear of a future where relationships are key and people are valued, where not just the task well performed but the life well lived is what counts”, we believe in helping our clients achieve better relationships, develop acceptable behavior in the workplace and learn how to project a strong and professional image of the organization through our etiquette trainings,  broken down as follows;

CORPORATE/BUSINESS ETIQUETTE: Whether you are a corporate executive needing to get an extra edge in your career skills, or a professional needing polish to close the deal with a prospective client, our corporate/business etiquette training can help to navigate the many challenges today’s professionals encounter.

SOCIAL ETIQUETTE: Even in today’s casual society, there is great benefit to having a basic understanding of the social graces. There are simple rules that can put you at ease in any social situation, be it a formal party hosted by the presidency and elites or a business lunch with a very important client.

ETIQUETTE FOR CHILDREN;  We are particularly excited about our etiquette package for children not just because children are absolutely fun to work with but because it gives us utmost Joy to see the positive improvement in children and indeed the society at large, as a result of our etiquette lessons for children. We understand that good manners are essential in any civilization and the etiquette children learn at early ages will certainly spill over to adulthood and help them make more informed decisions in friendship, family, life and career. That is why our team of internationally certified etiquette consultants, took time to design our special etiquette courses for children to help them build the bedrock of their future by exposing them on how to handle social, scholastic and formal situations with grace and ease.

There’s no doubt that the level of moral decadence in our society today is overwhelming and we advocate that good manners should be taught at a very early age because once bad habits are formed, they’re never easy to change. Helping your child master simple rules of etiquette will not only get them noticed for all the right reasons, but, you would have raised a polite, kind, well behaved and well liked child.

To this end, we encourage schools to include etiquette as part of their curriculum because manners and etiquette for children, are ranked as the most important quality to nurture in the family and considering the ever busy schedule of most parents today, it becomes imperative for the schools to take up the task to nurture the child in learning and most importantly in character.

We have developed etiquette fun games and other fun ways to teach children of all ages including teenagers because we’ve realized that the more skills are practiced,  and made into habits, the more young students become comfortable in social situations  and transition into confident young adults. Our etiquette programs generally  are designed to increase your etiquette quotient and add poise and polish to your image