Nuance Outsourcing customer services is a reliable assistant that is tailored to your business needs and gives your business a competitive edge. Our Inbound and Outbound costumer service solution is proven to transform your business processes. While you zero in 100% on growing your business and gaining more profit, our call centre outsourcing becomes your relaible assistant in handling emerging and returning customers as we make and receive calls on your behalf.

We offer effective solutions on how to handle all your customer’s inquiries, demands and concerns because we understand that building customer relations is fundamental for business development and subsequently growing the business income.

Our solutions include;
Email Help desk,
Inbound calls
Outbound calls
Customer upselling
Feedback calls
B2B Calling

Email Help Desk; We shall assign a team of highly professional email assistants to respond to all your customer’s email concerns.

Inbound Calls; After spending money on advertisement/Marketing, you cannot afford to miss a call. Nuance customer services call centre is particular about all elements that makes a small business call centre productive. Customer’s are often likely to do business and remain in business with brands they can relate with on personal basis, that is why our call centre is committed to customer engagement as a critical tool to transforming small ventures into world class companies. We answer all your incoming calls, respond to your customers inquiries and concerns with very high level of professionalism.

Outbound calls; Nuance Outsourced Customer Services Call Centre puts calls across to clients and potential clients subject to the provision of credible leads, this is essential for customer retainership as well as covering new sales.

Customer upselling; At Nuance we understand the effect of the present Nigerian economy on businesses, especially those that offer premium products and services. With our Upselling Outsourced Customer Services, we make it a responsibility to close in sales on clients who can afford premium services and products.

Feedback Calls; Because we a resolute in offering impaccable customer experience to your leads and customers, we take our feed back calls very seriously. Nuance Customer Services outsourced call center quality feedback is an essential tool to keep agents on track and to help them improve their performance and helps your business achieve it’s organizational goals.

Telemarketing; The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that business transactions can thrive and continue successfully without physical interaction or one on one meetings. With the Nuance Outsourced Customer Services Telemarketing, our team ensures we close in sales through the leads provided. As a proof to our unwavering commitment to results, our remuneration for this particular service is based on percentage from the sales we’re able to cover. Just give us your leads, tell us about your product/services and we shall ensure we close in sales and receive our percentage.

B2B Calling; The Nuance Outsourced Customer Services Business to Business calling can also be an outbound cold calling but each call can have multiple purposes including:

Qualification and segmentation,
Appointment setting for inside sales teams,
Market research and polling,
Customer feedback and retention,
Turning leads into opportunities and so on.

We take the responsibility to initiate business calls on your behalf and also follow credible leads through till we cover up sales.

Employ the services of excellent communication professionals that will build quality relationship with your customers.

The Nuance Outsourced Customer Services team is made up of seasoned customer service personnels with good communication skills, a team with trained and dedicated problem solving aptitudes, emotional stability, superior in knowledge reservation and recall, as well as capacity to overcome pressure.

There are proven benefits of a quality dedicated call center and it’s role in growing a successful business and we are committed to ensuring such result.

We strongly believe that Cold calling remains a productive B2B marketing tool, thus, reaching out to decision-makers and pitching them your service or product is an effective strategy that requires a well-thought-out plan. This is exactly the model of service our B2B cold calling offers.

Quite a number of small, medium and large companies are begining to rely on Nuance Outsourced Customer Services for a professional B2B support phone calling services. We provide our clients with effective sales solutions that can penetrate any sales obstacle their businesses may encounter.

We believe that a company can achieve any sales objective it sets up with the use of the right strategy. When mapping out a B2B support call plan for each client we take into consideration any specifics of their business and what makes them stand out from the competition.

We look at an array of aspects including the company’s vision and mission, goals, strengths, weaknesses, core values, niche market and more. A combination of such information gives a B2B call center agent a full comprehension of the business and helps them optimize their approach.

Our B2B Call Center services at Nuance offers tactical and strategic assistance with the following;

B2B appointment setting
B2B cold calling
B2B lead generation
B2B follow up call

Nuance B2B cold calling services are recognized among our clients as a highly efficient sales generation tool. Our agents posses strong skills in pitching, early nurturing and lead qualification. We help clients to identify their prospects and turn them into customers.

Don’t let any of your sales opportunities slip away. Use our services to improve your business development processes. We are fully aware that B2B rely on professionals when it comes to telephone sales,
At Nuance, we know what a perfect B2B support phone call looks like. Our extensive experience and success among clients have proven that we are experts in the field. If you run a small business or a start-up you are more likely to need help from B2B professionals like our representatives.

Make use of our B2B call center agents who know very well the difference between pitching to clients and annoying clients. We guarantee highly effective solutions satisfactory results. Try our B2B cold calling services and see the hidden potential of the market.