Human Capital Development

Human Capital Development


Our trainings on business operational effectiveness includes;

Exceptional Customer service; At Nuance, we believe that impeccable customer service remains the most effective marketing strategy, let’s  train your team on how to delight a customer by exceeding his/her expectation and thus converting the customer to an advocate and partner of your company for improved productivity.

Marketing/Selling skills; We train you to develop the skills that will enable you to understand what the buyer wants and how to engage in buyer-responsive selling including how to effectively close a sale through diverse marketing strategies.

Social media & Business success; Social media has come to stay and the earlier you keyed into it for improved productivity, the better for your brand. Lets rain you on how to use the social media to gain corporate advantage while ensuring that the corporate image and values of your company are preserved.

Emotional Intelligence; There’s no doubt that emotional intelligence is an attribute an organization needs to get its members to do what may be considered impossible, and organization’s with reasonable number of members who possess it most often experience less employee attrition while the employees with this rare quality are seen to be more result oriented and committed.  Our emotional intelligence training is designed to ensure that participants develop the ability to understand their own emotions and the emotions of others in order to make balanced decisions based on what is really important.  Every team member should know how to take responsibility and treat the business like it were theirs.



Through our innovative corporate/business and social etiquette programmes, we introduce clients to the behavioral patterns that are internationally acceptable. Etiquette is the art of social graces which entails showing consideration and respect to others in simple ways, like Francis Hesselbein would say…”We hear of a future where relationships are key and people are valued, where not just the task well performed but the life well lived is what counts”, we believe in helping our clients achieve better relationships, develop acceptable behavior in the workplace and learn how to project a strong and professional image of the organization through our etiquette trainings,  broken down as follows;

Corporate/Business Etiquette: Whether you are a corporate executive needing to get an extra edge in your career skills, or a professional needing polish to close the deal with a prospective client, our corporate/business etiquette training can help to navigate the many challenges today’s professionals encounter.

Social Etiquette: Even in today’s casual society, there is great benefit to having a basic understanding of the social graces. There are simple rules that can put you at ease in any social situation, be it a formal party hosted by the presidency and elites or a business lunch with a very important client.

Etiquette for Children; We are particularly excited about our etiquette package for children not just because children are absolutely fun to work with but because it gives us utmost Joy to see the positive improvement in children and indeed the society at large, as a result of our etiquette lessons for children. We understand that good manners are essential in any civilization and the etiquette children learn at early ages will certainly spill over to adulthood and help them make more informed decisions in friendship, family, life and career. That is why our team of internationally certified etiquette consultants took time to design our special etiquette courses for children to help them build the bedrock of their future by exposing them on how to handle social, scholastic and formal situations with grace and ease. There’s no doubt that the level of moral decadence in our society today is overwhelming and we advocate that good manners should be taught at a very early age because once bad habits are formed, they’re never easy to change. Helping your child master simple rules of etiquette will not only get them noticed for all the right reasons, but, you would have raised a polite, kind, well behaved and well liked child.

To this end, we encourage schools to include etiquette as part of their curriculum because manners and etiquette for children, are ranked as the most important quality to nurture in the family and considering the ever busy schedule of most parents today, it becomes imperative for the schools to take up the task to nurture the child in learning and most importantly in character.

We have developed etiquette fun games and other fun ways to teach children of all ages including teenagers because we’ve realized that the more skills are practiced, and made into habits, the more young students become comfortable in social situations and transition into confident young adults.

Our etiquette programs generally are designed to increase your etiquette quotient and add poise and polish to your image.



Building a recognizable personal brand opens professional opportunities and without a powerful and visible personal brand, an individual is disadvantaged in practically every aspect of his/her personal, business and professional life. Let’s help you achieve a flawless look that is clean and professional for a powerful first and last impression, including skills to enable you shop actively, understand outfits that flatter your body structure/complexion and also suit your personality and lifestyle. We help brand and style you on every aspect according to your taste. Also as part of our etiquette training, we equip you on how to acquire the sartorial skills to help you put your apparels and accessories together in a way that is elegant and up to date. You’ll learn to dress appropriately for different occasions in a way that implies your happiness, security and best qualities. You’ll also  acquire the savoire-faire that will help you interact politely in social settings, set you apart from the crowd and earn you respect while dining with friends, clients or guests.

Let’s help you build a self-confident and assertive you by coaching you on how to understand your unique personality, your skills and deficiencies and  how to take responsibility for your outcomes as you learn to be direct about your needs, wants, feelings and beliefs in a way that can reduce conflict, build your self-confidence and improve relationships. This also covers training on stress management based on individual unique daily routine



NUANCE Speech Training is a speech drill for individuals, organizations and groups, aimed at training better and more confident speakers equipped to speak correctly and confidently anywhere. This course is carefully structured to bridge the gap of wrong spoken English that has become a norm and has eaten deep into the fabric of our society today.

It is an intensive training that cuts across spectra of courses like;

Pronunciation: In this aspect, participants will be carefully groomed on basic Pronunciation skills. They will be carefully taught all the English speech sounds and the right ways to apply them to pronounce words in the English lexicon, how to inflect properly, transcribe and make simple presentations.

Grammar Errors: English Language today has been so melted down that people now see nothing wrong in wrong grammar usage. During this training, our team of carefully selected facilitators will coach trainees, grammar errors will be tackled and basic grammar rules given as guide.

Dialectal Interference: Some so called professionals believe the problem of mother tongue interference cannot be tackled in spoken English, but for NUANCE, what we need is time, attention and dedication on the part of the trainee to correct any form of mother tongue interference.


You’ll be taught the art of speech presentation and you’ll learn how to present information clearly and effectively in order to get your message or opinion across, in a manner that is engaging to a specific audience and for the desired result.

  • You’ll also learn how to impressively engage the attention of your audience and present your ideas in a manner that is compelling, influential and memorable so as to inspire them to take the desired action. Participating in our presentation skills training shall prepare you on how to stand up and speak with skills, poise and confidence.
  • You shall also be taught basic reporting skills as a news reporter and script/news writing skills and techniques.
  • Relationship management; Participants are trained on how to effectively and efficiently manage their customers which will lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.



We guide our trainees on the art and craft that evoke thoughts and emotions through subtext, action and symbolism while writing scripts for private use and also for mass media such as feature films, television/radio productions. We also provide suitable scripts for variety of purposes on request. Let our team of skilled speech writers provide this service in its variety, including speeches intended to inform, persuade, instruct, motivate, and entertain. We write a speech that helps you communicate clearly and effectively to your audience, irrespective of the purpose or occasion.



Nuance, with her wide range of connectivity and resource strength, assists you in the documentation of your activities and events through our world-class audio/visual documentary production style. All you need to do is make a request and a detailed proposition of our different documentary techniques and style will be sent to you. Our team of highly experienced Radio and Television production experts will teach you the details of radio and television programme formats, audio/voice and visual editing, with the use of modern editing software.



Our strength is in our unique style of training delivery. We employ the Neuro-linguistic techniques in most of our training interventions and this makes our sessions more of an experience than just another lesson. Our participants are not just taught to be top performers on the job but are given invaluable tools that will enable them act more purposefully for outstanding results in their personal lives.

Every aspect of the training will be handled by seasoned professionals drawn from various public relations, etiquette, broadcast and public speaking organizations.

Nuance Global Services Limited in collaboration with its Strategic Business Partners will be willing to offer its training services at your desired location. We also develop bespoke training interventions to suit your peculiar needs.



Nuance offers professional public relations consultancy and representation for companies and individuals. We’ve observed that most companies /organizations have good products, services and content but lack the necessary human resources or public relations skills to promote it effectively. So, Apart from creating the right image for you through our PR services, we also provide our team of PR expert to represent you or your brand for a presentation, interview or meeting. All you need to do is to give us two to four weeks hands-on and provide every necessary information as well as materials for us to study.



Indoor and Outdoor Advertising: With a high technical and practical knowledge content in the media and PR sector, we are in the best position to create and advice on the right kind of ads to use for a particular product or service, the right media to send it through, and the appropriate programmes for clients` target audience. We create advertisement campaigns that plants desired image in the minds of your target audience as we ensure operational efficiency and functional brand strategy through various digital media strategies and business technology solutions.

Online Publicity and content creation: This involves the process of gaining online attention through social media sites or handles otherwise known as Social media marketing. Since social media has become a vital platform for businesses to attract their target audience and get unequalled customer perception and influence buyer`s decision daily. We leverage on this opportunity as we offer social media marketing package for brands. Using diverse tools and techniques, we create contents that align with a client’s unique experience, consistent with the client’s brand yet relevant to the perceived audience and develop online conversations within the said brand. As we further influence the response and share of this content by different users, we also help manage the client’s end of the discussion when a response is necessary.

Event Management and Planning: Direct Marketing holds the key to the success of every business because it is the business of selling products and services to the public; and Event Management is the KEY to a successful Direct Marketing. Even aspiring successful entrepreneurs should have, to say the least, a professional basic knowledge of event management and that’s we’re we come in. Also, the process of planning and coordinating an event could be quite a handful and certainly overwhelming, especially for the person directly involved in the event. We take the stress off you and help you coordinate every aspect of your event exactly the way you want it by employing the services of the best vendors and creative minds headed by our team of internationally certified event managers.

Publicist: Our concern is mostly how a brand, company or individual is perceived by the public or desired audience. As your publicist, it is our responsibility to manage your image and package your brand to be suitable and appealing to your desired audience and the public at large.  We ensure that we bring in the wealth of experience of our internationally certified etiquette and PR consultants as well as other experts in the given field, to achieve this goal both in physical appearance and digital online presence and conduct.



Nuance, with her wide range of connectivity and resource strength, assists you in the documentation of your activities and events through our world-class audio/visual documentary production style. All you need to do is make a request and a detailed proposition of our different documentary techniques and style will be sent to you.

Our team of highly experienced Radio and Television production experts will teach you the details of radio and television programme formats, audio/voice and visual editing, with the use of modern editing software.

  • Business Operational Effectiveness Training
  • Speech Training & Manpower Development
  • Script/Speech Writing
  • Radio/TV Programme editing and Documentary production
  • Etiquette Training Poise Polish and Demeanor(PPD)
  • Media Consultancy; Media Advisory/Airing Services: Indoor and Outdoor Advertising

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