Speech training

Speech training

NUANCE Speech Training is a speech drill for individuals, organizations and groups, aimed at training better and more confident speakers equipped to speak correctly and confidently anywhere. This course is carefully structured to bridge the gap of wrong spoken English that has become a norm and has eaten deep into the fabric of our society today.
It is an intensive training that cuts across spectra of courses like;
Pronunciation: In this aspect, participants will be carefully groomed on basic pronunciation skills. They will be carefully taught all the English speech sounds and the right ways to apply them to pronounce words in the English lexicon, how to inflect properly, transcribe and make simple presentations.
Grammar Errors: English Language today has been so melted down that people now see nothing wrong in wrong grammar usage. During this training, our team of carefully selected facilitators will coach trainees, grammar errors will be tackled and basic grammar rules given as guide.
Dialectal Interference: Some so called professionals believe the problem of mother tongue interference cannot be tackled in spoken English, but for NUANCE, what we need is time, attention and dedication on the part of the trainee to correct any form of mother tongue interference.

Presentation skills
You’ll be taught the art of speech presentation and you’ll learn how to present information clearly and effectively in order to get your message or opinion across, in a manner that is engaging to a specific audience and for the desired result.
You’ll also learn how to impressively engage the attention of your audience and present your ideas in a manner that is compelling, influential and memorable so as to inspire them to take the desired action. Participating in our presentation skills training shall prepare you on how to stand up and speak with skills, poise a and confidence.
You shall also be taught basic reporting skills as a news reporter and script/news writing skills and techniques.
Relationship management;
Participants are trained on how to effectively and efficiently manage their customers which will lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Business Operational Effectiveness Training
  • Speech Training & Manpower Development
  • Script/Speech Writing
  • Radio/TV Programme editing and Documentary production
  • Etiquette Training Poise Polish and Demeanor(PPD)
  • Media Consultancy; Media Advisory/Airing Services: Indoor and Outdoor Advertising

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