Customer Services Training

Customer Services Training

Customer Service for us at Nuance Global Services Limited, is a passion and an obligation. We believe that outstanding Customer service experience produces One-On-One referrals and also builds customer loyalty.

As one of the most effective marketing strategies, you cannot underestimate the positive impact referrals from a satisfied customer will have on a business, It’s as good as an endorsement.

On the other hand, sinncerity and integrity are real services that cannot be bought with money or quantified with physical cash, and consistently amazing customer service is a deliberate and purposeful deed.

Our effective customer service training ensures that you and your team truly do not need a second chance to make a first and lasting impression.

  • Business Operational Effectiveness Training
  • Speech Training & Manpower Development
  • Script/Speech Writing
  • Radio/TV Programme editing and Documentary production
  • Etiquette Training Poise Polish and Demeanor(PPD)
  • Media Consultancy; Media Advisory/Airing Services: Indoor and Outdoor Advertising

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