NUANCE is  PUBLIC RELATIONS, etiquette and media Consulting firm with management, consulting, procurement, Supply and training services handled by skilled personnel.

Our principal goal is to improve business, increase Individual performance capacity, and provide innovative and result-oriented solutions to image related and human capital development organization problems which in turn results to more profits. This objective is achieved through our unique style of training and service delivery. Our promise is to establish a strong positive impact of each client’s image and needs, and we’ re totally devoted to this pledge.

NUANCE is fully incorporated in Nigeria and licensed to operate as a leading provider of public relations, media support, etiquette cosultancy, professional trainings and consultancy services. Our major concern is not just to encourage, but to ensure operational effectiveness by providing enterprise solutions for diverse organizations through our bespoke trainings and the use of modern technology driven solutions useful in diverse business and non-business concerns.

NUANCE as an idea was as a result of the realization that emotional intelligence is an attribute an organization needs to get its members to do  what may be considered impossible, and organization’s with reasonable number of members who possess it most often experience less employee attrition while the employees with this rare quality are seen to be more result oriented and committed. Some other striking premises behind the NUANCE idea is that the art of speaking English Language correctly with minimal grammar and pronunciation flaws is on a fast decline in our society today. Also, there is a comparable decline in good and internationally acceptable behavioral pattern (etiquette), among our children and indeed adults too, socially or within the corporate world. We’ve also observed that the PR and Media industry are currently flooded by quacks who render substandard services to unknowing organizations and individuals.  The passion to change these and more gave birth to NUANCE GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED.

NUANCE comprises a strong global network of partner firms and consultants with strength of experience in the various services it offers clients and the vision to promote both human and business excellence. Our team of quality and committed personnel is drawn from various leading consulting, media, public relations and allied stakeholders; with a highly focused and innovative management team. We simply work with the best hands in the industry to provide internationally certifiable trainings for individuals and corporate organizations to ensure clients make better decisions and reduce cost. The quality of our services is our confidence as it speaks for itself. One of our cardinal corporate goals is to continuously maintain a good business relationship with our clients. Because without our clients, we’re not in business. With a high technical and practical knowledge content in public relations and the media sector, we are in the best position to train speakers and assist them to achieve greater competence, advise clients on the right kind of advertisement and medium for each occasion, choose the appropriate programme for each clients’ target audience and help a client gain the appropriate perception and image. Because we do not believe in the one-size fits all approach, at Nuance Global Services Limited, we make it a duty to liaise with clients in order to develop a bespoke programme that addresses their peculiar needs.

  • Business Operational Effectiveness Training
  • Speech Training & Manpower Development
  • Script/Speech Writing
  • Radio/TV Programme editing and Documentary production
  • Etiquette Training Poise Polish and Demeanor(PPD)
  • Media Consultancy; Media Advisory/Airing Services: Indoor and Outdoor Advertising

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